My name is Jill Franke and I am an Autism Behavioral Therapist.  I have had the pleasure of observing Mr. Mike Tuller’s fitness sessions with a mutual client that we both have for the past 4 years.

As a therapist who was seeking some exercises for a client who struggled with both balance and strength, I searched high and low for a professional who had experience and extensive knowledge in working with young children in mental health that included physical disabilities. In addition, someone who could help with growth and building self-confidence.

When I found Mike’s Abilities Movement Website, I was thrilled to read his mission which was achieving fitness, wellness and independence. I immediately called him and had an in-depth conversation on what I was looking to achieve with my client. He was professional in every aspect, very educated about overall health in young children and very receptive to the goals I was trying to achieve. He was more than willing to help create a routine that was geared towards my client.

Mia is a 12-year-old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is a mixture of silly, sassy and serious. She absolutely enjoys working with Mr. Mike. He not only challenges Mia, but he also makes her laugh and is very playful with her while still getting the job done. He understands when she is at her limit and when she needs to be pushed harder. Mia has a great rapport with Mr. Mike, and she looks forward to his sessions twice a week. She has learned so much and has progressed independently on a lot of strengthening exercises as well as becoming independent with them. She learns many different skill sets each month which carry over into her everyday living both at home and in school. I can speak for the family and for myself that Mr. Mike is a game changer and a real asset to the lives of special needs kiddo’s and adults as well. He is very dedicated at what he does and puts in a lot of time and effort in the community.

Thank you, Mr. Mike, for going above and beyond in making Mia work towards a healthier and more mindful lifestyle!

Jill M. Franke
Autism Behavioral Therapist